Smart Phones for Dummies

Smart Phones for Dummies

Since you are looking for activities to pass the time, then maybe this is a good time to refresh your basic smart phone knology. This is the Smart phone presentation I did in 2019 as part of the “San Carlos Educational Series”.

The original inspiration for this presentation was this list of questions:

Questions for Scott: (You’re gonna love ‘em!)

  1. How does a smart phone work? Radio waves or Microwaves?
  2. What is a SIM card?
  3. How do I turn it on?
  4. Should it be turned on while recharging?
  5. How often should it be recharged?
  6. Does it give off radiation?
  7. Is there a class action suit pending re: radiation?
  8. What is an Android?
  9. Does it need to be on for the alarm to work? Can I set the alarm for the morning and go to bed with it in the off position?
  10. Do I need to use an app for the flashlight?
  11. How do I hang up?
  12. How do I send text? Do I need an app for texting?
  13. How do I receive text messages?
  14. How do I delete text messages? Oral messages?
  15. How do I connect to wifi? Do I need an app?
  16. Do I need an app for email? How does that work?
  17. Can I set a different ringtone for each caller?
  18. Is using Contacts like using speed dial?
  19. How to I set up a contact list?
  20. How do I pre-set an emergency call number? The U.S. # is 911 – what are the call numbers for Mexico and Canada?
  21. What is a good translation app? How does it work – speaker or text?
  22. What is a good currency conversion app?
  23. Do free apps always have pop-up advertising?
  24. How do I take a selfie?
  25. How do I use the camera? Video? Do I need apps for them?
  26. Can I record sound?

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