My Thoughts on Snowden’s Post COVID19 Information Reality

My Thoughts on Snowden’s Post COVID19 Information Reality

If you haven’t seen the latest concerns about our COVID19 future and information security then check it out:

Snowden’s concerns are well founded. Our governments still behave in Machiavellian manners that are as old as time. However, we are living a time of great technologies, abilities, and knowledge. At this time we could bring about the greatest advancements of human kind, but we’re bickering over Google reading our email for better advertising. Or fighting over our Governments eavesdropping on us and hording information away for their own means.

What will we allow our world to look like when all this is over and done? Will we have open Information exchange with socialized medicine, and a shared social burden, or do we get more “Patriot Act?”

I believe, during this crisis; during the picking-up of the pieces that follow, that we will decide that we need access to people’s data for the social good. When we do, we will need to protect ourselves from the manipulations and abuses that have occurred throughout our ‘information age.’

I believe we need a “Bill of Digital Rights” that guarantees freedoms and protections for our digital personas. Also, it would grant us freedom to the information on our government and it’s representatives. All in the name of the greater good of the individual and of our community.

We should be cultivating a community and culture of open sharing of information in the name of the common good. One that allows us to keep our government and its representatives in check and protects our personal digital rights.

I believe, we can do this with a ‘Bill of Digital Rights.’ Until this change, Snowden’s concerns are valid.

The ability to collect information on any one of us is the beginning of the greatest culture shift of our times. We could have amazing advancements of our society that reshape the human condition for the better… but not until we reject the current behavior.

We need to build a society that expects the collection of information to benefit the individual and the community.

We should not tolerate abuses of the information collected and warehoused on ourselves. To protect the freedom of digital information, and attribute liability to it’s abusers, we nee a ‘Bill of Digital Rights.’

I normally don’t post like this…Maybe I am watching too much, “Man in the High Caste” during my self-isolated quarantine.

Thanks for reading. Stay healthy. Ask for help. Wash your hands…and quedaencasa. – scott

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