We Are Located At:
Paseo Linda Vista Lote#151
Sector Villa Hermosa
San Carlos, Sonora Mexico 85506

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The fourth house behind (the old Heaven's Door Restuarant)on the right. The office is located on the left of the house. Look for the opening in the wall (past the carport.)

We have the same office, FAX, and cell phone numbers as always:
Office: 226-0209
Fax: (from the USA or Canada)
Scott's Cell: 622-855-8299
Contact Us to Make it Better: send us your computer questions and make appointments, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc.

You can also contact Scott using one of his
Instant Messengers:
MSN IM: international_cs (at) hotmail.com*
AOL IM (AIM): MX Alaskan
Yahoo!IM: internationalcsi (at) yahoo.com*
ICQ: 20083001
Skype: internationalcsiMy status

Remember when using these addresses replace the '(at)' with an '@' and remove all blank spaces. Also, these are not reliable email addresses, they are only used for instant messenger. If you want to send email use the provided form on the right.