March 06, 2018: Welcome to TV Club

Episode: March 6, 2018: Welcome to TV Club

Hello one and all!

Thank you for your interest in the San Carlos Computer Club. We had a lot of fun at our last meeting. Among the stuff we talked about we hit the following topics:

  • How Facebook played a critical role in getting my stolen wallet back to me.
  • TV streaming services.
  • Wifi/Powerline/Mesh LAN network Range Extenders.
  • Skyroam and similar services to roaming with wifi.
  • Washington becoming the first state in the USA to pass laws protecting net neutrality.

Of course there was lots of other topics and laughs and fun to be had by all. We were a big group and everyone stayed somewhat civilized until the goat sacrifice (or did we?)

hehehe, guess you’ll have to listen to the clubCast or checkout our YouTube video and find out of yourself.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

#TechOn! and I’ll C U all next Tuesday.

Scott, headNerd
at International Computer Solutions (

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